Laser Gum Treatment in Fairfax, VA

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a progressive condition that can cause permanent damage to the gum tissue and underlying bone structure if left untreated. There are several stages of periodontal disease. The earlier it is detected, the less invasive and less expensive treatment will be. 

At Allegra Dental Center: Nana Dickson, DDS, and Morgan Floyd, DMD, we use lasers to treat gum disease and restore damaged gum tissue. During this in-office procedure, we use a special laser that delivers a concentrated beam of light energy to the infected area to vaporize infection-causing bacteria. This provides a clean environment for the gums to heal. Laser treatment eliminates the bacteria that can cause infections and reverses the effects of advanced periodontitis.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

Laser treatment has many benefits, but the most significant advantage is that it does not require anesthetics or sutures. No needles are involved, and patients can return to their daily routine immediately. For the right candidate, the procedure can be highly effective in treating gum disease and ensuring long-term gum health. Patients suffering from excessive bleeding when brushing and those who are prone to infection are good candidates for laser treatment.

Laser therapy effectively kills bacteria in the mouth to prevent future infections. The most common issue with periodontal disease is reinfection of the gum tissue because of uneliminated bacteria. The laser helps prevent the bacteria from reattacking the gums, reducing the risk of reinfection and future issues.

If our dentist recommends laser treatment for your periodontal needs, it is essential to follow their aftercare recommendations and keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible after treatment. It will help if you brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Floss daily or as often as our dentist instructs you to prevent the buildup of plaque and maintain good oral health. Be sure to keep your regularly scheduled appointments with our dental team so your oral health can be maintained, and you can discuss any concerns.

Are Laser Gum Treatments Safe?

Yes! Laser gum treatments are safe for teeth and gums, and most patients experience little to no pain during or after the procedure. During the treatment, the laser will vaporize and kill bacteria and remove plaque and diseased cells from the mouth. While there may be slight discomfort during the process, it is minimal. Recovery time is minimal also, allowing you to return to your routine quickly and with less downtime. The laser also stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Laser gum treatment is excellent for gum disease patients who want to improve their oral health. For more information, visit Allegra Dental Center: Nana Dickson, DDS, and Morgan Floyd, DMD, at 3040 Williams Dr #201, Fairfax 22031, or call (571) 419-6897.


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