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At Allegra Dental Center, Dr. Nana Dickson and Dr. Morgan Floyd offer patients in and around Fairfax, VA, Annandale, VA, and the surrounding Merrifield area the general, cosmetic, and preventative dental treatments they need. Dr. Dickson and Dr. Floyd work with patients of all ages and provides services such as family dentistry, preventive dental care, wisdom teeth extraction and oral surgery, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, the application of Invisalign®, crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers, and the installation and repair of dental implants. 



"I recommend Dr. Dickson and her team for their overall professionalism and care! Clean and friendly dental practice."

"I first visited ADC over 2 years ago. The staff was exceptionally friendly and my first visit with the doctor was extensive. After multiple visits over the next 2 years, the doctor concluded that she did not see anything wrong, based on Xray results, CT results, and numerous physical exams including a digital scan. She contributed the pain to allergies and indicated that I could have referred pain due to allergies or other health conditions. During my time at ADC, I was informed that a mouthguard would be beneficial, in case the pain was being caused by grinding. I checked the pricing before proceeding and was told a higher estimate by ADC. I called my insurance to confirm it would cost me $600 and the rep informed me that my nightguard was a covered benefit under my insurance plan and that my responsibility for the night guard should only be $285. They adjusted the pricing and refunded me the overpayment that I made. I decided to move forward with the mouthguard and came in to get a digital scan for my mold. The woman who did the scan rushed through it and the scan was not as thorough as the previous scan I had done. When the mouthguard was ready, I came in to check the fit. Unfortunately, the mouthguard was extremely tight. The doctor had to use a lot of force to push it into place and to remove it. This improperly fitted mouthguard shifted my teeth and bite forward. Upon bringing this concern up to ADC, the doctor did reach out numerous times via phone. The office would not reply to my emails but would only discuss this issue over the phone, not in writing. We talked through the issue and then I was confronted about the doctor patient relationship, my out of state location, and was told that I seemed dissatisfied with the care. At this time, it was unfortunate that the poorly fitted mouthguard ruined my alignment and bite for which I had expensive ortho treatment previously. I indicated that the care at ADC has been wonderful, with the exception of this mouthguard issue. I got the impression that that wanted to drop me as a patient at this time, and I indicated that this would be disappointing, especially since I did nothing wrong. The doctor discussed that she was not comfortable fitting me for another mouthguard since I had issues with the first one. My insurance only covers one nightguard every 3 years so I now have to wait 2 more years to have one covered by my insurance. At my next appointment, the doctor took back my nightguard into her possession. My out of state location has also been a hot topic at every appointment, even though I am entitled to go to any provider in network within the US. One of the doctors commented that I live in a retirement community, which is true, however I have been living there with family members due to medical issues. I felt this comment was poking fun at me and my current situation. I also faced a lack of professionalism by one of the hygienists commenting about how young I look and that I have a small mouth. Both doctors at this practice have examined my problem tooth and indicated everything looks good. Unfortunately, they both failed to identify a crack in my problem tooth that has worsened for the past 2 years. I saw a dentist 20 minutes from this Fairfax office who identified the problem within two minutes of looking inside my mouth. I will at minimum need a crown put in, and, since the damage has worsened for the past two years, may also need a root canal and complete removal of my tooth under age 30. Scheduling at ADC has been seamless and Annie, the front desk coordinator, is a gem to the practice and has always been very professional towards me. I have found clerical errors like billing and the wrong x-rays sent. I have also only ever been given a take home bag with a toothbrush and mouthwash once. I am sharing this in the hopes that if you are having a problem, do not wait to seek a second, third, and fourth opinion. Overall, I think ADC is a great dentistry for regular cleanings, and unfortunately it seems that I have drawn the short end of the stick here."

"Dr. Dickson is incredibly professional and kind as are all of her staff. I absolute hate going to the dentist and the entire office does nothing but make each experience good and lessen my dental anxiety. The doctor is also very skilled at what she does, I have never had crowns or fillings fit as well as the ones she did. Everyone in that office is always so kind and they work hard to fit you in during emergencies. I highly highly recommend this practice. Also, they do same day crowns! This is the best dentist you will ever find."

"10/5 STARS. I WILL GO BACK EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT FROM HERE. I rarely leave reviews but this Dental Clinic deserves it and more. I travel for work and I was assigned in the area for6 months. I had to do my usual dental check-up and chose Dr. Dickson’s clinic. They did magnificent and worked with me and my previous dental clinic to obtain all information needed to establish my dental needs. On top of the cleaning and filling, one of my tooth needed a crown, which unfortunately came off, sadly I wasn’t in the area anymore but am able to drive back on my way to the other assignment (6 months after). They did their very best to accommodate me. On the day of my appointment, unforeseen events happened and they were asking if they could move me to another date but I just couldn’t. They did the impossible and called and asked their patients that day to be moved to a later time. Absolute perfect of a team they have here. I would recommend this place on a heart beat and would come back if given the chance. Thank you!!"



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