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Smile Saver In-Office Savings Plan

Smile Saver Dental Plan 

At Allegra Dental Center: Nana Dickson, DDS, and Morgan Floyd, DMD, we offer the best and most comfortable dental care to our patients. As the best dentist in the DC area, we strive to provide the best experience to every patient who walks in through the doors of our dental practice. 

Our Smile Saver Dental Plan is designed to help patients adhere to an effective oral hygiene regimen and save money on treatment costs. Patients pay one low fee to have all of their preventive treatments covered for the year. This includes exams, cleanings, and X-rays! If a patient needs other cosmetic or restorative treatment during their plan year, they can also get discounts from our Smile Savers Dental Plan. 

This Smile Saver Dental Plan is available to uninsured patients who meet certain financial requirements. To determine your eligibility, please call our dental office today! We’d be glad to go over the details with you so you can start receiving the care you need as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Smile Saver Dental Plan 

  • 12-month benefit period for each adult 
  • 12-month benefit period for each participant up to age 21 


  • 2 routine dental cleanings each 
  • 12-month benefit period 
  • 2 dental exams provided by Dr. Dickson each 12-month benefit period 
  • 1 set of diagnostic X-rays each 
  • 1 panoramic X-ray (provided at 3-year intervals) 
  • 1 emergency exam per 12-month benefit period 
  • Oral cancer screening 


Receive an extra discount on the restorative and cosmetic dental services we offer: 

  • 20% off restorative (implants) 
  • 15% off orthodontic and specialist treatment 
  • 10% off cosmetic (veneers and teeth whitening) 


  • No waiting period 
  • No deductibles or annual maximum 
  • No pre-authorization of dental services 
  • No exclusions for pre-existing dental conditions 

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