Ever wondered what’s in your food and water??

Did you know that...

fluoride is found in your water and foods that are consumed every day.  Fluoride is added and lost from the tooth’s enamel layer daily. Normally this happens when the acid and sugars formed by the plaque attack the enamel.

The minerals fluoride, calcium and phosphate get redeposited in to the enamel layer through the consumption of water and foods that contain them. Shown on the chart below is how the breakdown of fluoride without the redeposit of it can lead to tooth decay.

The most important time for ones teeth, is between the ages of 6 and 16. This is when we are losing our baby teeth and becoming adults and gaining our permanent teeth. This transition period is when the teeth are most important. Making sure that you start the correct treatment of the permanent or adult teeth when they first come in will help down the line.

Thankfully, food and water are not the only ways that you can help the balance of fluoride in the enamel and we are going to let you know what treatments are out there and why they are beneficial.

Types of Treatments

I am sure everyone has heard of or even used mouthwashes/rinses in their lifetime, but theses over the counter remedies only have small amounts of fluoride which will only help minimally. There are three different applications that are offered by your dentist:

Varnish- painted on to the teeth

Foam- placed into a mouth guard and applied to teeth

Gel- painted on, or placed into a mouth guard

*Fluoride treatments are safe if used as directed, at high dosages can be toxic. Please supervise children 6 and under when using toothpastes and mouth washes that contain fluoride.

*Excess of fluoride can also cause defect in the tooth enamel ranging from white specks to streaking

Should I get Fluoride?

Some people often wonder, if the most important years are the early years do I need to get a fluoride treatment when I am older? The answer is yes, there are several reasons that one would need a fluoride treatment. Tooth placement, inadequate brushing, and dry mouth are three top reasons. If you happen to have teeth that are deep into the back of the mouth it will cause plaque buildup and will eat at the enamel layer. Inadequate brushing is just that, not getting the sugars, and acids off the teeth will also add to the demineralization or dissolving of the enamel layer. Lastly, dry mouth. Saliva is what helps prevent tooth decay by washing away food from tooth surface, but without the saliva there is no natural helper in the mouth.  These are just a few reasons that a treatment like this would most certainly be needed. There are more; snacking, consumption of dry cereals, honey, sugars, cakes, cookies, and hard candies.

Not convinced still that you need fluoride treatment? Tooth decay is just another reason that a fluoride treatment will help to save your natural teeth. Schedule an appointment today with our staff here at Allegra Dental.

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Dr. Nana Dickson Dr. Dickson is the owner of Allegra Dental Center. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, and British Columbia, Canada and graduated from the University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals and Clinics in 2007 and went on to attend the Howard University’s College of Medicine.

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