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Dr. Dickson is recognized as a leading provider of general and preventative dentistry services throughout Merrifield and Fairfax, VA. At Allegra Dental Center, she uses a comprehensive array of techniques and the latest technology to provide custom care aimed at helping each patient enjoy better oral health.

General Dentistry Q & A

How often should I visit the dentist?

Patients should visit the dentist every six months for general and preventive dentistry needs. This includes checkups and cleanings to keep teeth and gums in optimal health and checking for signs of decay and diseases like periodontal disease and oral cancer.

How often do I need to have dental x-rays?

That depends on your oral health needs and other factors. Regular x-rays are important for identifying diseases and other issues that occur below the gum line, inside the tooth structure, and in your jaws. Today's dental x-rays use very limited amounts of radiation, and even a lifetime of dental x-rays poses an extremely low health risk.

How can I tell if I have gum disease?

In its earliest stages, gum disease may cause very few symptoms. Some patients may have minor bleeding when brushing and flossing, but others may not have any symptoms initially. As the disease progresses, symptoms can include bleeding gums, tenderness or swelling of the gums, gums that appear very red, sore or loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss.

What happens during a routine visit?

First, patients will be asked to update their medical history so the office can look for risk factors associated with oral health problems. The teeth will be visually evaluated and the hygienist will use special techniques to carefully clean around each tooth, paying special attention to areas where plaque has collected. Once the cleaning is complete, the hygienist will be able to provide patients with tips for improving their brushing and flossing techniques so they can get rid of plaque and bacteria more effectively and decrease the risk of gum disease. Next, each tooth will be carefully examined for signs of decay and patients will receive an oral cancer screening to look for any abnormal areas of tissue that may need to be evaluated further. Finally, patients will receive recommendations for additional treatments and they will also have plenty of time to ask questions about their care and their oral health.


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