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If you need some or all of your teeth replaced for partial or full dentures, Nana Dickson, DDS, and Morgan Floyd, DMD, at Allegra Dental Center in Fairfax, Virginia, have the expertise and experience to restore your oral health and give you a confident smile. To schedule a consultation with the expert team, call the friendly office staff or book your appointment online today.

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace some or all of your missing teeth. Your dental provider customizes your dentures to fit your mouth, making it easy to chew, talk, and give you a confident smile.

There are two types of dentures:


Complete dentures are a full set of replacement teeth. If you have all of your teeth removed to prepare for dentures, your provider gives you immediate dentures, which are a temporary replacement until your mouth fully heals. Then they give you conventional dentures for long- term use. Complete dentures stay in place with a special dental adhesive.


If you still have some of your healthy teeth, partial dentures have a metal framework that replaces a select group of your missing teeth. The metal frames adhere to your healthy, existing teeth or a dental implant with a crown.

Your dentist consults with you about the best strategy for your situation.

How does tooth replacement work?

Before your tooth replacement, your dentist takes an impression of your teeth to create your immediate denture. Once your immediate denture is ready, you can return for your replacement procedure.

While you might feel nervous about your procedure, your dentists keep you comfortable and relaxed. Before your procedure, you determine your method of medication for sedation and numbing.

To perform your replacements, your dentist removes the gum tissue that covers the tooth. Using forceps, they rock the tooth back and forth until it loosens and releases. 

Your dentist packs your empty socket with gauze to clot the blood and stop the bleeding. If necessary, they may need to place stitches in a few areas to help your gums heal.

How do dentures and tooth replacements work together?

If you only had a few teeth removed to prepare for partial dentures, your immediate partial denture can be placed and fitted right away.

For complete dentures, your dentist removes your back teeth first and then creates an impression to order your immediate denture. Once your immediate denture is ready, your dentist then extracts your remaining front teeth and places your immediate denture after your procedure. 

It takes about 4-8 weeks to properly heal. Your permanent dentures are custom-molded to fit the exact shape of your mouth to give you a precise fit, which can be placed 3-6 months after your extractions.

To book your consultation about dentures and tooth replacement, call or use the online scheduling tool now.

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